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    Treatment Options for Spider Veins

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Spider veins are short, jagged, red or bluish veins that look like spider webs or tree branches. As with varicose veins, spider veins develop when the one-way valves within the veins become weakened or damaged, allowing blood to flow backwards and pool within the vein. If you are suffering from spider veins, it may be time to consult with your McKinney med spa. Continue reading to learn more about the various treatment options available for spider veins.

    Compression Stockings
    Individuals suffering from minor spider veins may benefit from conservative treatment methods, such as the use of compression stockings. While these will not eliminate existing spider veins, compression stockings can help improve blood circulation through the veins to reduce the risk of further spider vein development.

    When conservative methods are ineffective, spider veins may require minimally invasive treatment. Sclerotherapy is a treatment method in which a sclerosant solution is injected into the diseased vein in order to inflame and irritate the lining. This causes the vein walls to stick together and eventually close, sealing off the affected vein.

    Radiofrequency Ablation
    Another treatment option used to eliminate spider veins is radiofrequency ablation. Also known as endovenous therapy, this treatment involves the insertion of a small catheter into the vein in order to deliver radiofrequency energy. This energy heats the vein walls so that they coagulate and close, while blood flow is rerouted to healthy veins.

    Laser Therapy
    Laser therapy is by far the most popular treatment method when it comes to eliminating spider veins. Some of the most common laser techniques include the Gentle Yag laser and the V-beam—both of which have been shown to treat spider veins as well as broken capillaries, pigmented lesions, and rosacea.

    Don’t let spider veins cause you any more embarrassment. For more information on the laser treatment available for spider veins, contact the Nuvage Laser Med Spa at (214) 306-8488. We also offer skin rejuvenation treatments and Botox injections.

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